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Some roofing issues can be solved in a DIY manner, but for serious matters, it's best to hire a professional. Once you, consider how important your entire household's safety is, it is better for you to hand over the job of repairing or replacing your roofing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to our skilled and well-trained professionals.

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Roofing Experts in Bethlehem

Your roofing protects the entire structure that makes up your home. Your possessions, as well as your entire family, are protected by your roofing. Therefore, repairs have to be taken very seriously. You might consider yourself a competent DIYer. That is not enough since you are still likely to miss subtle signs of roofing damage. With our Bethlehem, PA roofing contractors, you will get the guarantee that even the smallest of leaks will be spotted. Quality service with the best roofing equipment on the market. We'll even take care of the purchasing of materials for you. Hire us and your only task will be to assess how satisfied you are with the work that will be done to your Bethlehem, Pennsylvania roofing.

People are usually put off whenever the topic of hiring professionals comes up since they think it's not worth their money. However, it is actually cheaper and safer to hire professionals, especially our experienced roofing specialists. We also work with you on fees and pricing. For the cost of Bethlehem roofing replacements and repairs, we offer competitive rates that are quite reasonable. You may require our Bethlehem, PA roofing contractors to remove your existing roof, install new roofing shingles, and install ice dam protection when applicable. The total price tag will be adjusted accordingly.

You won't have to pay for anything that you won't need, and our roofing specialists work with you and your budget. The cost of hiring us will already include the expense of taking out the loose shingles and roofing on your property. All of our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured, and will include any permits needed in the total price tag.

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Q. When do I need to call Bethlehem roofing contractors for a repair or maintenance?

A. Some homeowners neglect their roofing because small leaks and cracks often go overlooked. Other types of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania roofing damage can be invisible to the untrained eye. Roofing issues are usually discovered when they are already too much to handle. To avoid such a headache and to save your hard-earned money, contact us the moment you start to see warping or cracking on your roofing. Loose seams, missing shingles, and broken flashing are also things to look out for.

Q. When should I replace my roofing?

A. There are lots of ways to tell if you already need a new roofing system including:

  • Age - Most roofing systems can last up to two decades. Check the age of your roofing. If it is more than 20 years, then it has already reached the peak of its use.
  • Leaks - Whenever there's a water leak inside your home, it's likely that the leak was caused a while ago and is only now noticeable. At the first sign of leakage, call our professionals immediately.
  • Appearance - As soon as shingles begin to warp, break, or curl, that's the time when you need to call us for a roofing service.

Q. Is it possible for me to carry out my own roofing repair?

A. It is, but DIY roofing work is not recommended. Fortunately, you won't have anything to worry about because we have Bethlehem, Pennsylvania roofing contractors that are well-equipped and quite experienced. What's more, all our experts can carry out a repair or replacement job that's sure to meet all your requirements.


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Density 1,991.0/ sq mi (768.7/ km2)
Elevation 255 ft (78 m)
Area Water 0.2 sq mi (0.6 km2)
Commonwealth Pennsylvania
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
County Lehigh
City Attorney Jerry Snyder
Mayor Ed Pawlowski (D)
Home Rule Municipality 118,974 (US: 222th)
Senate Pat Browne (R)
Area Land 17.8 sq mi (45.9 km2)
FIPS code 42-02000
GNIS feature ID 1202899
ZIP codes 18101, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106, 18109, 18175, 18195
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Metro 730.0 sq mi (1,174.82 km2)
Founded by William Allen
Secondary Airport Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport- XLL (Minor)
Urban 289.50 sq mi (749.79 km2)
Founded 1762
City Controller Mary Ellen Koval
Urban 664,651 (US: 61th)
Primary Airport Lehigh Valley International Airport- ABE (Major/International)
Home Rule Municipality 18.0 sq mi (46.5 km2)
Density 1,117.8/ sq mi (431.6/ km2)
Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Demonym Allentonian
Elevation 440 ft (130 m)
Density 6,631.0/ sq mi (2,571.5/ km2)
Incorporated March 12, 1867